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Urdu Qaida Free is an interactive application that helps in learning Urdu alphabets. Teach your Kids the ABC of Urdu. Show them how easy it is to learn Alif Bay Pay.
The application consists of:

  • The Urdu Qaida - Learn the Alif Bay Pay - ABC of Urdu.
  • A game for Kids to listen to the alphabets and select the correct alphabet.
  • Practice Exercise, This helps Kids to write a letter. Shows them how easy it is to write the Urdu Alif Bay Pay.
  • Kids Dictionary, This helps Kids to learn how to pronounce words in English and Urdu.
  • Poems: This App includes some Interesting Poems for Kids:
  • Alo Mia Alo Mia.
  • Lakri ki Kati.
  • Meri Billi.
  • Utho Beta.
  • Chuk Chuk
  • Machli jal ki rani

This interactive App uses sounds and pictures to memorize the alphabets Alif Bay Pay, sounds help in learning the pronunciation of alphabets, whereas pictures helps in memorizing the alphabets.

Make your Kids learn Urdu, using this Free Urdu Qaida App. Make them learn the Alif Bay Pay in an interactive and fun way.

Download Iphone Download Android

Download Iphone Download Android

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